Bloodstream form Trypanosoma theileri degrades glucose to acetate (47%) and succinate (45%) and, therefore, does not solely rely on glycolysis for ATP production. This trypanosomatid does not use amino acids for energy metabolism. These results refute the prevailing hypothesis that substrate availability determines the type of energy metabolism of trypanosomatids. Copyright

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Journal Eukaryotic Cell (Print)
van Hellemond, J.J, Hoek, A.C, Schreur, P.W, Chupin, V, Özdirekcan, S, Geysen, D, … Tielens, A.G.M. (2007). Energy metabolism of bloodstream form Trypanosoma theileri. Eukaryotic Cell (Print), 6(9), 1693–1696. doi:10.1128/EC.00130-07