The aim of the present study was to identify proteins differentially regulated by TRPS1 in human prostate cancer cells in order to better understand the role of TRPS1 in prostate cancer development. The proteomes of androgen-independent DU145 prostate cancer cells, that do not express TRPS1 and of genetically engineered DU145 cells that stable and inducible express recombinant TRPS1 protein, were compared. Using two-dimensional electrophoresis followed by mass spectrometric analysis, 13 proteins that were differentially expressed between these two cell lines were identified. These proteins represent a dominant reduction of expression of antioxidant proteins, including superoxide dismutase, protein disulfide isomerase A3 precursor, endoplasmin precursor and annexin A2. Furthermore, regulation was observed for mitochondrion-associated proteins, glycolytic enzymes, a cytoskeleton-associated protein, a nuclear protein and proteins involved in apoptosis. Our data indicate that overexpression of TRPS1 protein is correlated with reduced protein expression of certain antioxidants. This suggests a possible involvement of TRPS1 in oxidative stress, and possibly in apoptosis in androgen-independent DU145 prostate cancer cells.

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B B A - Proteins and Proteomics
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Chang, G. T. G., Gamble, S., Jhamai, M., Wait, R., Bevan, C., & Brinkmann, A. (2007). Proteomic analysis of proteins regulated by TRPS1 transcription factor in DU145 prostate cancer cells. B B A - Proteins and Proteomics, 1774(5), 575–582. doi:10.1016/j.bbapap.2007.03.011