It is equivocal whether the transnationalism of refugees differs significantly from that of labor and family migrants. On the basis of a strategic case study of Burundian refugees in The Netherlands we demonstrate that migration motives undeniably matter for transnationalism. Transnationalism is not self-evident for Burundians, as they are driven by a motive of flight. Moreover, transnationalism is not automatically oriented towards compatriots and manifests itself differently in The Netherlands than in Belgium. Therefore, we conclude that the study of refugees is an essential complement to the prevailing research on the transnationalism of settled labor and family migrant communities.

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Keywords Sociale verandering, sociale processen en sociale conflicten, family migrants, gedrag & maatschappij, international migration, refugees, sociologie, sociology
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Journal International Journal of Population Research
Mascini, P, Fermin, A.M.E, & Snick, H. (2012). Transnationalism of Burundian Refugees in The Netherlands: The Importance of Migration Motives. International Journal of Population Research, 2012, 1–11. doi:0.1155/2012/962327