The search for an integrated approach to development theory and practice has not suddenly and accidentally fallen from the sky. It reflects the failure of hitherto pursued policies and strategies and is engendered by the pressures resulting from the aggravation of the conditions of the masses, living in poverty and destitution, faced with insecurity of survival and a dim perspective for self-realisation. These conditions tend to deteriorate in countries which as yet have not chosen to secure the livelihood of all, to principally rely on the creative and productive power of their own people and to mobilise in first instance their resources for self-reliant national development.

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Keywords Economic development, integrated development
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Series ISS Occasional Papers
Kuitenbrouwer, J.B.W. (1975). Towards self-reliant integrated development (No. 55). ISS Occasional Papers. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from