In April 1974, at the conclusion of the Sixth Session on Raw Materials, the United National General Assembly (unanimously but without vote) adopted a declaration on the establishment of a new international economic order. This testified to growing pressure for changing the balance of forces in the world. It also reflected the fact that the struggle for modifying the balance of power between Third World countries vis-a-vis First and Second World countries had entered into a new stage. First and Second World countries, pressed by their ruling classes and productive structures, seek to consolidate their hegemoney albeit with modified terms, and to secure the continued expansion and protection of their economies and welfare, supported by the maintenance of asymmetric relations with the Third World countries.

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Kuitenbrouwer, J.B.W. (1975). Science and Technology: for or against the people (No. 49). ISS Occasional Papers. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from