The objective of this study was the determlnation of the interventionrelated effect with persons screened for hypertension and treated by the family doctor. The study was carrîed out in the Health Centre ln Krimpen aan den IJssel. In the introduetion it is explained that the tracing and treatment of hypertension is a task that in the first instanee belengs to the family doctor. The effect observed in the treatment of hypertension is subdivided into the natura! course, the patientrelated effect, the doctorrelated effect and the lnterventionrelated effect. A careful determination of the interventionrelated effect is only possible by means of a clinical trial. There are several objectlens against this. An alternative for the determination of the interventlonrelated effect is provided by using a normotensive controlgroup: extrapolation of the regression line of the normotensives into the hypertensive area forms its basis. In conneetion with an evaluat!_on of the first results of a popuiatien screening conceming hypertension in Krimpen aan den IJ ssel the following question was formulated: what part of the effect observed on the blood pressure decrease with people screened for hypertension in Krimpen aan den IJssel and treated by the family doctor, can be contributed to the interventionrelated effect?

R. van Strik (Roel) , E. van der Does (Emiel)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Bekker, J.P. (1983, September 28). Hypertensie interventie analyse te Krimpen aan den Ijssel: een onderzoek naar het interventiegebonden effect bij personen met een verhoogde bloeddruk, die zijn opgespoord door middel van een bevolkingsonderzoek en behandeld door de huisarts . Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from