The present article is concerned with the relationship between distributional and efficiency criteria and the objective of employment creation in a single sector, that of road construction. The work is based on a series of case studies carried out in Iran, one such study being presented here, in which the potential for substituting labour for equipment is explored and techniques of social benefit-cost analysis applied to determining technology selection. Optimal factor use and hence employment is shown to depend, inter alia, on explicit judgements concerning income distribution.

Income distribution, Manpower policy, Road Construction industry
Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISS Occasional Papers
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Irvin, G.W. (1975). Employment creation, technological efficiency, and distributional judgements : a case study in road construction / [by] G.W. Irvin (No. 51). ISS Occasional Papers. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from