You may remember these cookery books, with recipes varying from sandwiches and soups to extremely appetizing fried rattle snake and delightful curry dishes; recipes from your student days, recipes that take you down memory lane...... ISS staff and students take these cookbooks along on their missions abroad, from the university in Kampala to the European court in Brussels. Many ISS cookbooks are given away as public rela- tions gifts or birthday gifts all over the world. Food matters, food brings people together. That is why we edited this cookbook: a collection of recipes showing the diversity of the cultural tapestry of the ISS population. But also the range of very different foods that people cook and eat. We would like to show this to the world again in a third and last ISS cookbook: ISS Global Kitchen Rules! This time the recipes are not only from the ISS community; we also managed to include the ISS counterparts and a number of Erasmus University hotshots as they too belong to the ISS community now.