It is often assessed that the construction of nature, technology and the relation between both is in the midst of a restructuring without specifying exactly what different articulations can be distinguished and how they differ from the modern notion of nature being separated from and domesticated by technology. Through an analysis of car commercials, this study develops a typology of constellations of nature and technology. Besides the well-known modern dichotomy of nature versus technology, with the latter being superior to the former, three types of articulations were found: technology as a flexible and superior technological mimicry of nature; technological mastery as harmful to nature; and nature and technology as two holistically connected realms. Implications for theories about the changing nature of nature and the restructuring of the relationship between nature and technology are discussed.

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European Journal of Cultural Studies
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Aupers, S.D, Houtman, D, Achterberg, P.H.J, de Koster, W, Mascini, P, van der Waal, J, & Roeland, J.H. (2012). Beyond the domestication of nature? restructuring the relationship between nature and technology in car commercials. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 15(1), 3–18. doi:10.1177/1367549411424951