The objectives of this thesis are: a. to review the state of the art, the concepts, the problems and the perspectives of comprehensive QA in hey (Chapters II and III); b. to study the basic principles and problems of cell counting and sizing and the recent progress in approaching these problems; to describe the fluidic and electronic improvements in modern instruments, enabling the simultaneous measurement of wbc, rbc and plt and their characteristics, with special reference to the Coulter Counter Model S PlusII (Ch IIIl; c. to develop IQC materials of medium and/or long-term stability with special emphasis on ease of preparation and low costs, thus contributing to optimization of IQC (Ch IV l.

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B. Leijnse
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Lombarts, A.J.P.F. (1985, June 5). Studies on quality assurance in haemocytometry . Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from