The objectives of this thesis are: a. to review the state of the art, the concepts, the problems and the perspectives of comprehensive QA in hey (Chapters II and III); b. to study the basic principles and problems of cell counting and sizing and the recent progress in approaching these problems; to describe the fluidic and electronic improvements in modern instruments, enabling the simultaneous measurement of wbc, rbc and plt and their characteristics, with special reference to the Coulter Counter Model S PlusII (Ch IIIl; c. to develop IQC materials of medium and/or long-term stability with special emphasis on ease of preparation and low costs, thus contributing to optimization of IQC (Ch IV l.

cell counting, cytometry, haemocytometry, quality assurance
B. Leijnse
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Lombarts, A.J.P.F. (1985, June 5). Studies on quality assurance in haemocytometry . Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from