AMIA, as other professional societies, has a longstanding interest in promoting a strong ethical framework for its membership. This white paper presents the latest AMIA Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct. It was approved in November of 2011 by the AMIA Board of Directors. This document constitutes a revision of, and update to, the first code, approved and published in J Am Med Inform Assoc1 in 2007. In an effort to keep pace with the field’s vitality, the code presented here is intended to be a dynamic document, and will continue to evolve as AMIA and the field itself evolve. AMIA will publish on its web site this version of the code as part of a process that seeks ongoing response from, and involvement by, AMIA members.,
American Medical Informatics Association. Journal
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Goodman, K. W., Adams, S., Berner, E. S., Embi, P., Hsiung, R., Hurdle, J., … Winkelstein, P. (2013). AMIA's code of professional and ethical conduct. American Medical Informatics Association. Journal, 20(1), 141–143. doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2012-001035