This paper estimates the probability of virtual crossmatch failure in kidney exchange matching. In particu-lar, the probability of a positive crossmatch after a negative virtual crossmatch is related to the recipient’s PRA level. Using Dutch kidney exchange data, we find significant evidence that this probability increases non-linearly with PRA level. We estimate a probit model that describes this relationship.

CDC (complement de-pendent cytotoxicity), CDF (cumulative distribution function), HLA (human leukocyte antigen), PRA (panel reactive antibodies)
Erasmus School of Economics
Econometric Institute Research Papers
Report / Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Economics

Glorie, K.M. (2012). Estimating the probability of positive crossmatch after negative virtual crossmatch (No. EI 2012-25). Report / Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam (pp. 1–8). Erasmus School of Economics. Retrieved from