Information skills training offers opportunities for gradually embedding changes in legal education programs and to bring about the integration of legal knowledge, skills and experience. If shared goals are formulated in a spirit of close collaboration, curricular changes and revisions will potentially have a greater effect and be more likely to enhance long-term programs. The university library can serve as an ideal base for the use of information technology such as web portals and content integrated search engines, which in turn will help refocus attention on the use of library facilities. The harmonization and maintenance of this apparatus, however, requires both a new form of cooperation and a re-interpretation of the legal education curriculum. This article compares several library developments which could prove important for legal education from a Dutch perspective, and also examines library education in the law schools of the United States of America.

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Library and Information Studies
International Journal of Legal Information
Erasmus School of Law

Beljaars, B.F, & Winter, E.R. (2012). The University Library: a driving force for reform in legal education?. International Journal of Legal Information, 40(Spring-Summer), 1–14. Retrieved from