This diary study examines the impact of daily recovery experiences on daily work–home interference (WHI) and daily burnout symptoms within a group of smartphone users. A total of 69 employees using smartphones on the initiative of their employer completed a diary questionnaire on five successive workdays (N = 293 data points). We hypothesised that particularly for intensive smartphone users it would be important to engage in activities fostering psychological detachment and relaxation in order to reduce the risk of WHI. We predicted that smartphone use would be positively related to WHI. Finally, we predicted that the positive relationship between WHI and state levels of burnout would be stronger for intensive smartphone users. Overall, the results of multi-level analyses supported these hypotheses. The findings emphasise the importance of a clear organisational policy regarding smartphone use during after-work hours.,
Applied Psychology: an international review
Department of Psychology

Derks-Theunissen, D.A.J.A, & Bakker, A.B. (2014). Smartphone use, work-home interference, and burnout: A diary study on the role of recovery. Applied Psychology: an international review, 2012, 1–30. doi:10.1111/j.1464-0597.2012.00530.x