There is wide acceptance that in humans blood transfusions given to the recipient before grafting produce a strikingly beneficial effect on the post-transplant course of cadaveric or living related kidneys (Opelz eta! .. 1981b: Salvatierra eta!.. 1983). Recently it has been reported by several authors that blood transfusions to the donor prior to nephrectomy positively influence graft survival (Jeekel eta!.. 1980: 1981: Frisk eta! .. 1981: 1983: Harder eta!.. 1984). However, retrospective studies by Berget a!. (1982), Bock eta!. (1984) and Opelz (1985a) could not confirm these reports. Many questions were raised by these retrospective observations and this made it necessary to experimentally investigate them in rigidly controlled studies. This thesis is the reflection of these experiments. Moreover. it contains an extensive introduction in the development of transplantation with special emphasis on the approaches to immune modulation in human kidney transplantation

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J. Jeekel (Hans)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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