This addition to the literature on the European Commission constitutes a contribution to studies of the post-Santer Commission. The book takes the bureaucratic autonomy literature as a theoretical basis (Chapter 2) and rests empirically on a survey of nearly 200 top Commission officials (Chapter 3). In both aspects, the book can be characterized as a trend-follower rather than a trend-setter: Theoretically, it sets forth the trend of the public administration turn in EU studies (Trondal 2007); empirically, the study not only rests on the assumptions of Hooghe’s (2001) study of the Commission but also studies the same group of management-level Commission officials, albeit the population 10 years later.

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CIMIC: Citizenship, Migration & the City
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Suvarierol, S. (2013, January). Book Review of 'The European Commission and Bureaucratic Autonomy: Europe’s Custodians'. CIMIC: Citizenship, Migration & the City. Retrieved from