Measles control remains a great challenge in Uganda. We conducted a prospective study among household contacts aged 9-59 months to assess measles vaccination effectiveness. Index cases were measles patients seen in Kampala hospitals in 1999. Measles was diagnosed in 37/43 (86%) of unvaccinated and in 33/145 (23%) of vaccinated exposed contacts, respectively. Vaccination effectiveness was 74% (95% CI; 64-81), which was lower than expected. This may indicate the need for strengthening of the cold chain and/or introduction of a second opportunity for measles vaccination, either as part of the routine immunization program or in the form of supplementary immunization activities.,
Department of Virology

Mupere, E, Karamagi, C, Zirembuzi, G, Grabowsky, M, de Swart, R.L, Nanyunja, M, & Mayanja, H. (2006). Measles vaccination effectiveness among children under 5 years of age in Kampala, Uganda. Vaccine, 24(19), 4111–4115. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2006.02.038