Although the currently used live attenuated measles vaccines are safe and effective, they are dependent on cold chain maintenance and are often ineffective in young infants due to interference by maternal antibody. Therefore, besides vector-based vaccines, different new generation non-replicating candidate measles vaccines are being considered, including nucleic acid vaccines. We have vaccinated cynomolgus macaques transdermally with DNA plasmids encoding measles virus (MV) proteins. Following two vaccinations, low serum antibody responses were detected. Wild-type measles virus challenge 1 year after vaccination showed reduced viraemia in some animals. However, accelerated humoral- and cellular-immune responses were observed in all vaccinated macaques, demonstrating successful priming by the DNA vaccines.

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Keywords DNA vaccination, Macaques, Measles
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Journal Vaccine
Stittelaar, K.J, de Swart, R.L, Vos, H.W, van Amerongen, G, Sixt, N, Wild, T.F, & Osterhaus, A.D.M.E. (2002). Priming of measles virus-specific humoral- and cellular-immune responses in macaques by DNA vaccination. Vaccine, 20(16), 2022–2026. doi:10.1016/S0264-410X(02)00048-8