A novel recombinant respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) subunit vaccine, designated BBG2Na, was administered to 108 healthy adults randomly assigned to receive 10, 100, or 300 μg of BBG2Na in aluminum phosphate or saline placebo. Each subject received 1, 2, or 3 intramuscular injections of the assigned dose at monthly intervals. Local and systemic reactions were mild, and no evidence of harmful properties of BBG2Na was reported. The highest ELISA and virus-neutralizing (VN) antibody responses were evident in the 100- and 300-μg groups; second or third injections provided no significant boosts against RSV-derived antigens. BBG2Na induced ≥2-fold and ≥4-fold increases in G2Na-specific ELISA units in up to 100% and 57% of subjects, respectively; corresponding RSV-A-specific responses were 89% and 67%. Furthermore, up to 71% of subjects had ≥2-fold VN titer increases. Antibody responses to 2 murine lung protective epitopes were also highly boosted after vaccination. Therefore, BBG2Na is safe, well tolerated, and highly immunogenic in RSV-seropositive adults.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1086/324426, hdl.handle.net/1765/39746
Journal The Journal of Infectious Diseases
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Power, U.F, Nguyen, T.N, Rietveld, E, de Swart, R.L, Groen, J.M, Osterhaus, A.D.M.E, … Bonnefoy, J-Y. (2001). Safety and immunogenicity of a novel recombinant subunit respiratory syncytial virus vaccine (BBG2Na) in healthy young adults. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 184(11), 1456–1460. doi:10.1086/324426