In business markets price still plays a significant part in selling and buying decisions. Suppliers strive to get an equitable or fair return on the value of their offerings and buyers look for bargains and usually find them, thanks to over-eager suppliers. However, recent experiments show that there are other more effective and successful ways of selling without giving away too much value.

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Keywords Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems
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Journal RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge
Note This article is based on the research paper “Purchasing Higher-Value, Higher- Price Offerings in Business Markets”, which was published in Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing Vol 17, Issue 1. The paper was voted by the editorial board of the journal as Outstanding Article of the Year for 2010. (Handle
Wynstra, J.Y.F, & Anderson, J.C. (2011). Purchasing superior-value offerings effectively and successfully. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge, 7(3), 12–14. Retrieved from


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