For organisations to sustain success in their markets, and in order to survive, they need to utilise their workforce as effectively as possible. By stimulating and implementing employees’ ideas for improvement and innovation, idea management encourages people to participate in the organisation, beyond the scope of their job. The results not only benefit the organisation, but also contribute to employee satisfaction.

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Keywords Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems
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Series RSM Discovery Magazine Collection
Journal RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge
Note This article is based on Dirk Deichmann PhD thesis Idea management: perspectives from leadership, learning, and network theory, which was published as part of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) PhD Series, Research in Management. WEB res/pub/31174
Deichmann, D. (2012). The challenges and benefits of idea management. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge, 12(4), 20–22. Retrieved from


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