Schumpeter, the renowned economist, defined innovation as ‘new combinations’ of existing elements. Today’s business environment provides valuable opportunities for such innovation, in which existing technologies, products and services from various industries are creatively adapted and then launched successfully into new, unconnected business areas. But there are rules to be followed.

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Keywords Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems
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Journal RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge
Note This article draws its inspiration from the paper Organizing Interindustry Architectural Innovations: Evidence from Mobile Communication Applications, written by Ferdinand Jaspers, Andrea Prencipe and Jan van den Ende, and published in the Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2012;29(3):419-431, RePub Handle
Jaspers, F.P.H, & van den Ende, J.C.M. (2013). Making business sense of cross-industry innovation. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge, 13(1), 10–12. Retrieved from