Despite a long-term and intensive interest in the measurement of socio-economic health inequalities, the collection of accurate and comparable information still is a daunting task. This thesis presents several challenges that researchers face. It also provides new empirical evidence on socio-economic inequalities in different areas. The results confirm previous findings of a better health experience for the rich and highly educated. Moreover, the results show that with the right techniques and data many of the measurement problems that researchers face can be accounted for.

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Keywords SES, empirical, gradient, health, inequality
Promotor E.K.A. van Doorslaer (Eddy)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-94-6169-384-6
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Baeten, S.A. (2013, May 24). Empirical Studies in the Measurement of Socio-economic Inequality in Health. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from