The aim of this study was to explore the possibilities to make such a two-point ABRaudiogram. After a review of literature, two methods were considered to be suitable for obtaining a low-frequency-specific ABR. In the first place, the low-frequency specificity of the click stimulus masked with high-pass noise (Chapters ill and V) and subsequently, the low-frequency specificity of the brief tonal stimulus (Chapter IV and V) was studied. Finally, the highfrequency- specificity of the standard click-evoked ABR-threshold was reevaluated, as both points of a two point ABR-audiogram should preferably have the same degree of frequency specificity

Auditory Brainstem Response, B.E.R.A., Brainstem Electric Response Audiometry, brainstem
C.D.A. Verwoerd
Erasmus University Rotterdam
An important part of the studies in this thesis has been facilitated by support of the Heinsius Houbolt F oudation.
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Conijn, E.A.G.J. (1992, February 19). Brainstem response audiometry in the determination of low-frequency hearing loss : a study of various methods for frequency-specific ABR-threshold assessment. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from