Most titles or descriptions of artworks and their images do not provide adequate subject access for easy searching and retrieval. While technical tools and vocabulary resources exist, such as the Getty vocabularies, Iconclass, and Arkyves, that would enable researchers to enrich and share information, the majority of humanities scholars, including art historians, are still entrenched in methods and behaviors that perpetuate the silo effect of information gathering and management and overlook systems and tools that would enhance their research and enable dynamic discovery and access across institutions and the world (Web 2.0). This article explores the problems associated with image retrieval and access and offers some practical advice and reasoning for engaging new directions in the field of iconography.

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Library and Information Studies
Visual Resources
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Brandhorst, H. (2012). The iconography of the pleasures and problems of drink: Thoughts on the opportunities and challenges for access and collaboration in the digital age. Visual Resources (Vol. 28, pp. 384–390). doi:10.1080/01973762.2012.732211