This handbook follows a range of other reports and publications on diaspora involvement in development and peacebuilding (COWI, 2009; De Haas, 2006; GTZ, 2009; Sinatti, 2010; Sinatti et al., 2010). It has been written mainly for European practitioners and policymakers, and was developed as a result of our observation that there is now a markedly increased interest among European actors in ‘engaging diasporas’ that is not necessarily matched with confidence on how to approach the task. During our research for the handbook, a common refrain that we heard was: ‘Our organization is very interested in engaging the diaspora, but we need to gain experience on how to do this.’ In this document, examples are presented from various projects within five European countries: Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway. In these countries, most diaspora-focused initiatives are relatively recent. By bringing together lessons learned from the experiences in these five countries, we hope the present document will facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experience between different European actors.

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Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Sinatti, G. (2010). Participation of Diasporas in Peacebuilding and Development. EUR-ISS-GGSJ. Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Retrieved from