This deliverable describes: * Opportunities and threats of 19 police forces in 10 EU countries * External parties of 19 police forces in 10 EU countries. The report is the final report which was preceded by an interim report on June 30th, 2011. This final report includes in the appendix 10 detailed reports of policing opportunities and threats in the 10 participating EU countries. Abstract: In this report we present the results from almost 500 interviews in 10 EU countries (i.e. Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom) with police officers and knowledgeable important externals of the police (i.e. politicians, union leaders, journalists, etc.). In every country about 50 interviews were held to determine opportunities and threats. Based on this cross-country, cross- organisational PESTL analysis, we present the following common themes that describe the most important common opportunities and threats for European policing: * Political and government influence in police matters (restructuring, micromanagement) * Economic crisis (budget cuts, salary cuts) * Immigration, migration and globalization * Changing society (loss of old values, changing demographics, higher inequality) * Advances in technology (ICT, internet, social media, forensics) The trends above are visible in all EU countries, but there are also some trends that only apply to a single country or a number of countries. One may think about changing national legislation which affects some countries more than others. Or the European integration which has a stronger effect on Eastern European states which still are in the process of adopting EU standards. There are also individual differences between countries. As an example; in the period considered some countries are decreasing the significance of performance management (e.g. The Netherlands), others are strengthening their performance management capabilities (e.g. France). These individual differences are described in detail in the appendix E of our report which contains the 10 country reports. .... etc.
COMPOSITE - Comparative Police Studies in the EU
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

van den Born, J. A., & van Witteloostuijn, A. (2011). Identification of policing opportunities and threats in the European Union, and the role of external parties (Second Cross-country Comparison WP 1.2.). COMPOSITE - Comparative Police Studies in the EU. Retrieved from