With an ever-growing supply of online sources, information to produce news stories seems to be one mouse click away. But in what way do Dutch journalists actually use computer-aided research tools? This article provides an inventory of the ways journalists use digital (re)sources and explores the differences between experts and novices. We applied a combined methodological approach by conducting an ethnographic study as well as a survey. Results show that Dutch journalists use relatively few digital tools to find online information. However, journalists who can be considered experts in the field of information retrieval use a wider range of search engines and techniques, arrive quicker at the angle to their story, and are better at finding information related to this angle. This allows them to spend more time on writing their news story. Novices are more dependent on the information provided by others.

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doi.org/10.7195/ri14.v11i2.596, hdl.handle.net/1765/41035
Revista Icono 14
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC)

Kemman, M.J, Kleppe, M, Nieman, B, & Beunders, H.J.G. (2013). Dutch Journalism in the Digital Age. Revista Icono 14, 11(2), 163–181. doi:10.7195/ri14.v11i2.596