The historical basis for visual field research in suppression and amblyopia In the following, we will present a review of the literature on the visual field in strabismus and amblyopia. First, we will discuss the studies on the monocular visual field in amblyopia. These are performed under monocular viewing conditions in animals and humans with amblyopia and strabismus. Secondly, the results of studies on the visual field in suppression (i.e., the visual field under binocular viewing conditions) in humans with convergent as well as divergent strabismus will be discussed. These studies deal with the extent of suppression in strabismus.

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Strabismus (London)
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Joosse, M., Simonsz, H., & de Jong, P. (2000). The visual field in strabismus: A historical review of studies on amblyopia and suppression. Strabismus (London), 8(2), 135–149. Retrieved from