This book examines the links between gender and migration and their implications for social justice thinking, both at the experiential and normative levels. It offers insights also into the uses of human security thinking as a framework for attention to social justice concerns, including in trans-border contexts, and to their intersectional complexity. The volume presents a diverse but selective set of empirical, theoretical, and methodological issues on gender in migration from migrant-centred and Southern perspectives. Its aim is to stimulate debate and discussion among migration scholars and professionals engaged in migration-related policy and to enable insights and enrich practices on gender and social justice.

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International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Truong, T.-D, Gasper, D.R, & Handmaker, J.D. (2014). Migration, Gender, Social Justice, and Human Insecurity. In Migration, Gender and Social Justice: Perspectives on Human Insecurity. Springer. Retrieved from