Background: To describe the clinical characteristics of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at diagnosis in Netherlands at the population level in the era of biologics. Methods: All patients with newly diagnosed IBD (diagnosis made between January 1, 2006 and January 1, 2007) followed in 9 general hospitals in the southwest of the Netherlands were included in this population-based inception cohort study. Results: A total of 413 patients were enrolled, of which 201 Crohn's disease (CD) (48.7%), 188 ulcerative colitis (UC) (45.5%), and 24 IBD unclassified (5.8%), with a median age of 38 years (range, 14-95). Seventy-eight patients with CD (38.8%) had ileocolonic disease and 73 patients (36.3%) had pure colonic disease. In 8 patients (4.0%), the upper gastrointestinal tract was involved. Nineteen patients with CD (9.5%) had perianal disease. Thirty-nine patients with CD (19.4%) had stricturing phenotype. Of the patients with UC and IBDU, 39 (18.4%) suffered from pancolitis and 61 (29%) from proctitis. Severe endoscopic lesions at diagnosis were seen in 119 patients (28.8%, 68 CD, 49 UC, and 2 IBDU), whereas 98 patients (23.7%) had severe histological disease activity. Thirteen patients (3.1%, 10 CD and 3 UC) had extraintestinal manifestations at diagnosis. Twenty-three patients (5.6%, 20 CD and 3 UC) had fistula at diagnosis. Conclusions: In this cohort, 31% of the patients with CD had complicated disease at diagnosis, 39% had ileocolonic disease, 9.5% had perianal disease, and in 4% the upper gastrointestinal tract was involved. Most patients with UC suffered from left-sided colitis (51%). Severe endoscopic lesions were reported in 34% of the patients with CD and 26% of the patients with UC. Three percent of the patients with IBD had extraintestinal manifestations. Copyright

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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Nuij, V.J.A.A, Zelinkova, Z, Rijk, M.C.M, Beukers, R, Ouwendijk, R.J.T, Quispel, R, … van der Woude, C.J. (2013). Phenotype of inflammatory bowel disease at diagnosis in the Netherlands: A population-based inception cohort study (the Delta Cohort). Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 19(10), 2215–2222. doi:10.1097/MIB.0b013e3182961626