Septal perforator arteries play an important role in the blood supply of the anterior interventricular septum. Their intramyocardial course makes them inaccessible for coronary bypass revascularization. Although modern catheter-based techniques might be superior to coronary bypass grafting in offering the most complete revascularization in selected patient populations, a systematic review of the literature revealed a paucity of data regarding the outcome of these patients. The present report describes coronary stent implantation in a dominant septal perforator artery and the analysis of the anatomic relationship between the stent and the intraventricular septum using a new imaging technique, catheter-based intracardiac ultrasound.

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Japanese Circulation Journal
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Regar, E.S, Kozuma, K, Ligthart, J.M.R, Carlier, S.G, Serruys, P.W.J.C, & de Vries, A. (2000). Coronary stent implantation in a septal perforator artery: case report and review of the literature. Japanese Circulation Journal, 64(10), 802–804. doi:10.1253/jcj.64.802