Background Debate exists regarding the relationship between angiographic and intracoronary ultrasound (ICUS) measurements of minimal luminal cross-sectional area after coronary intervention. We investigated this and the factors that may influence it by using ICUS and quantitative angiography. Methods and Results Patients who underwent successful balloon angioplasty (n=100) or directional atherectomy (n=50) were examined by using ICUS and quantitative angiography (edge-detection [ED] and videodensitometry [VID]) before and after intervention. Luminal damage postintervention was qualitatively graded into three categories based on angiographic results (smooth lumen, haziness, or dissection). Correlation of minimal luminal cross-sectional area measurements by ICUS and ED was .59 before and .47 after balloon angioplasty. Correlation between ICUS and VID was .50 before and .63 after balloon angioplasty. Postintervention, the difference between ICUS and VID was less than the difference between ICUS and ED (P<.01). Additionally, the correlation was .74 between ICUS and ED measurements and .78 between ICUS and VID measurements in the smooth lumen group, .46 and .63, respectively, in the presence of haziness, and .26 and .46, respectively, in lesions with dissection. Similar results were obtained after directional atherectomy: the agreement between ICUS and quantitative angiography deteriorated according to the degree of vessel damage, but less so with VID than ED. Conclusions Complex morphological changes induced by intervention may contribute to discordance between the two quantitative imaging techniques. In the absence of ICUS, VID may be a complementary technique to ED in lesions with complex morphology after balloon angioplasty and directional atherectomy.

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Circulation (Baltimore)
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Ozaki, Y., Violaris, A., Kobayashi, T., Keane, D., Camenzind, E., di Mario, C., … Roelandt, J. (1997). Comparison of Coronary Luminal Quantification Obtained From Intracoronary Ultrasound and Both Geometric and Videodensitometric Quantitative Angiography Before and After Balloon Angioplasty and Directional Atherectomy. Circulation (Baltimore), 96(2), 491–499. Retrieved from