Malignant Head and Neck (H&N) tumors constitute around 5% of the total malignant tumors. In the Netherlands, approximately 2.600 newly diagnosed cases are registered annually and around 800 patients die yearly as a consequence of the disease. During the years, substantial literature has been published on the impact to the life of patients with head and neck cancer. As well as experiencing symptoms common to all cancer types, such as pain, H&N cancer can affect the most fundamental activities of daily living, including speech, swallowing, hearing and breathing.3 Minor disturbances of anatomy by surgery or chemo/radiation therapy may lead to significant dysfunction and disfigurement, and hence to psychosocial complaints. The work of this thesis further builts on more than twenty years of quality of life research done by our H&N group.

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R.J. Baatenburg de Jong (Robert Jan) , J.J. van Busschbach (Jan)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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