The paper analyses academic journal quality and research impact using quality weighted citations versus total citations, based on the widely-used Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science citations database (ISI). A new Index of Citations Quality (ICQ) is presented, based on quality weighted citations. The new index is used to analyse the leading 500 journals in both the Sciences and Social Sciences using quantifiable Research Assessment Measures (RAMs) that are based on alternative transformations of citations. It is shown that ICQ is a useful additional measure to 2YIF and other well known RAMs for the purpose of evaluating the impact and quality, as well as ranking, of journals as it contains information that has very low correlations with the information contained in the well known RAMs for both the Sciences and Social Sciences.

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Keywords research assessment measures, impact factors, eigen factor, article influence, quality weighted citations, total citations, index of citations quality, journal rankings
JEL Econometric and Statistical Methods: General (jel C10), Methodology for Collecting, Estimating, and Organizing Microeconomic Data (jel C81), Data: Tables and Charts (jel Y10)
Publisher Tinbergen Institute
Persistent URL hdl.handle.net/1765/51092
Series Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Series
Chang, C-L, & McAleer, M.J. (2014). Quality Weighted Citations versus Total Citations in the Sciences and Social Sciences (No. TI 2014-023/III). Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Series. Tinbergen Institute. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/51092