The insured is protected in several ways. At the same time, though, there is a clear cut in this routine of protection in case the insured oversteps the mark himself. The insured who misleads the insurer deliberately will face the most severe consequences: law and case deny the insured any right to payment. It is generally accepted that in case the insured has acted with the intent to mislead the insurer, the latter is entitled to terminate the contract and - also as a rule - that this intentional or even fraudulent behavior will be registered in special data files. With all the associated consequences for the future and the difficulties he will meet, if he wants to get coverage again. It is in this context that I asked my 'desired authors' to write an article on a quartet of pieces, relevant for this development.

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van Tiggele-van der Velde, N. (2013). Introduction: Insurance Law and Evolving Sanctions. About a New Balance in the Mutual Obligations of Both Parties to a Contract of Insurance and a New System of Sanctions. Erasmus Law Review, 5(2), 93–95. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/51382