Volume 192, no. 14, pages 3574–3583, 2010. The genome sequence described is that of strain BBH18, isolated from sputum, and not of strain RH4, which was isolated from blood. Consequently, the title should read “Genome Analysis of Moraxella catarrhalis Strain BBH18, a Human Respiratory Tract Pathogen,” and the strain name RH4 should be replaced by BBH18 throughout the manuscript. Furthermore, in the abstract (page 3574, line 4), introduction (page 3574, column 2, line 27), and Materials and Methods (page 3575, column 1, lines 13 and 14), the phrase “isolated from blood of an infected patient (14)” should be changed to “isolated from sputum of a patient with COPD during an exacerbation (45).” The correct reference for strain BBH18 is reference 45 (A. Mollenkvist et al., J. Bacteriol. 185:2285–2295, 2003).,
Journal of Bacteriology
Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

de Vries, S., van Hijum, S., Schueler, W., Riesbeck, K., Hays, J., Hermans, P., & Bootsma, H. (2012). Genome analysis of moraxella catarrhalis strain rh4, a human respiratory tract pathogen ; Author's correction. Journal of Bacteriology, 194(24), 7021–7021. doi:10.1128/JB.01831-12