Background: There is an increased interest in the monetary value of a quality-adjusted life-year (QALY). Past studies commonly derived willingness to pay (WTP) for certain future QALY gains. However, obtaining valid WTP per QALY estimates proved to be difficult. Objective: We conducted a contingent valuation study and estimated the individual WTP per QALY under risk. We demonstrate the impact of probability weighting on WTP per QALY estimates in the Netherlands. Results: Our estimates of the value of a QALY are in the range of €80,000-110,000 when the weighting correction was applied, and €250,500 without correction. The validity of these estimates, applying probability weighting, appears to be good. Conclusions: Given the reasonable support for their validity and practical meaningfulness, the estimates derived while correcting for probability weighting may provide valuable input for the debate on the consumption value of health. While decision makers should not apply these estimates without further consideration, since strictly individual valuations may not carry all relevant information and values for societal decision-making, the current estimates may provide a good and informed basis for further discussion and study of this important topic.

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Journal PharmacoEconomics
Bobinac, A, van Exel, N.J.A, Rutten, F.F.H, & Brouwer, W.B.F. (2014). The value of a QALY: Individual willingness to pay for health gains under risk. PharmacoEconomics, 32(1), 75–86. doi:10.1007/s40273-013-0110-1