Background Fumaric acid esters (FAE) are used as an effective and safe oral treatment for plaque psoriasis in adult patients, but little is known about their efficacy and safety in children with psoriasis. Objectives To assess the effectiveness and safety of FAE in the treatment of paediatric psoriasis. Methods This is a retrospective analysis of 14 paediatric patients with psoriasis (age < 18 years) treated with FAE between 2004 and 2012 at several Dutch university and regional clinics. Patients were identified through databases or registries. Results The median age at the start of FAE treatment was 15 years (range 8-17 years). The median duration of FAE treatment was 10 months (range 1-80 months), and the median maintenance dosage per day was 360 mg dimethylfumarate (range 240-600 mg). Five patients (36%) achieved a complete clearance of their psoriasis, one patient (7%) had a good improvement, three patients (21%) had a partial response and five patients (36%) were nonresponders. FAE treatment was well tolerated, but two patients (14%) discontinued FAE, one with severe diarrhoea and one with flushes. Five patients (36%) had transient, slightly abnormal laboratory values of liver-function tests or leucocytes that did not necessitate FAE dosage reduction or treatment discontinuation. No serious adverse events occurred. Conclusions In this retrospective case series FAE seemed to be an effective and safe treatment for children with psoriasis. FAE may be an attractive therapeutic alternative to the currently used systemic immunosuppressive agents for paediatric patients with psoriasis. Further studies are needed to evaluate the suitability of FAE in paediatric psoriasis. What's already known about this topic? Fumaric acid esters (FAE) are used as a systemic treatment for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adults. FAE are effective in adult patients and have a favourable long-term safety profile. What does this study add? This is the first case series reporting the effectiveness and safety data of FAE in children with plaque psoriasis. FAE are well tolerated in children and may be considered an alternative systemic treatment option in paediatric psoriasis.

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Journal British Journal of Dermatology
Balak, D.M.W, Oostveen, A.M, Bousema, M.T, Venema, A.W, Arnold, W.P, Seyger, M.M.B, & Thio, H.B. (2013). Effectiveness and safety of fumaric acid esters in children with psoriasis: A retrospective analysis of 14 patients from the Netherlands. British Journal of Dermatology, 168(6), 1343–1347. doi:10.1111/bjd.12231