Information about 255 children and adults with Pompe disease was gathered through a questionnaire. Disease severity was associated with disease duration and not with age; an early manifestation of the disease implied earlier wheelchair or ventilator dependency. The patient group under age 15 included a subgroup with a more severe and rapid course of the disease. They require more intensive follow-up and early intervention, before irreversible damage has occurred. Copyright,
Department of Neurology

Hagemans, M., Winkel, L., Hop, W., Reuser, A., van Doorn, P., & van der Ploeg, A. (2005). Disease severity in children and adults with Pompe disease related to age and disease duration. Neurology, 64(12), 2139–2141. doi:10.1212/01.WNL.0000165979.46537.56