This article elaborates the relation between two management styles, project and process management, and perceived outcomes in public-private partnerships (PPPs). The research is based on an extensive face-to-face survey conducted with 32 managers of 18 large complex infrastructure projects. The managers were asked questions about management strategies and outcomes. Based on theoretical literature on process and project management we conceptualized and measured these two types of management and looked at which type of strategies contributed more to perceived outcomes. The results show that a process management style correlates to outcomes and that project management does not correlate to outcomes.,
International Public Management Journal
Department of Public Administration

Edelenbos, J., & Klijn, E.-H. (2009). Project versus process management in public-private partnership: Relation between management style and outcomes. International Public Management Journal, 12(3), 310–331. doi:10.1080/10967490903094350