The management of patients with perennial nonallergic or idiopathic rhinitis is difficult. Diagnosis and treatment are hampered by several factors. First, the diagnosis is made by exclusion of other nasal diseases. As a consequence, idiopathic rhinitis is not defined according to clear-cut criteria. A commonly accepted phenotype of idiopathic rhinitis does not exist. Second, the pathophysiology of idiopathic rhinitis is not yet fully elucidated. In contrast with allergic rhinitis, inflammation does not appear to play an important role in idiopathic rhinitis. Recent studies indicate a neural dysregulation of the nasal mucosa. Additionally, the available therapeutic arsenal comprising both pharmacotherapy and surgery is at best partially efficacious in these patients. The efficacy of repeated capsaicin application has been established in several randomized controlled trials. This treatment modality may be the first step to more specific and better treatment options for patients with idiopathic rhinitis that is unresponsive to standard treatment. Copyright