To allow modulus-based tissue characterization of arterial plaques, we have developed an iterative plaque-model-based reconstruction method that reconstructs a Young's modulus (YM) image from a measured radial strain image of a plaque. In comparison with our previous 'Circular plaque model', which consisted of circles, our newly developed 'Bézier plaque model' uses (i) the real vessel wall boundaries and (ii) deformable Bézier curves to allow more accurate delineation of complex plaque components. To illustrate the delineation improvement we used both plaque models to reconstruct a plaque from a radial strain elastogram that was (i) simulated using a histology-traced thin-cap fibroatheroma plaque and (ii) measured with IntraVascular UltraSound (IVUS) elastography from a vessel phantom having a soft plaque.

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Department of Cardiology

Baldewsing, R., Mastik, F., Schaar, J., & van der Steen, T. (2005). Deformable Bézier curves for Young's modulus reconstruction and delineation of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque components. doi:10.1109/ULTSYM.2005.1602842