Four-year follow-up of children with epilepsy included in a randomized trial of early withdrawal of antiepileptic drugs showed that 51% achieved a terminal remission of at least 2 years without medication and 21% with medication; 15% had seizures during the fourth year. Early medication withdrawal is not recommended as standard practice in children with a rapid response to medication. The authors developed a model to predict outcome if withdrawal is considered. Copyright,
Department of Neurology

Geerts, A., Niermeijer, M., Peters, B., Arts, W. F., Brouwer, O., Stroink, H., … van Donselaar, C. (2005). Four-year outcome after early withdrawal of antiepileptic drugs in childhood epilepsy. Neurology, 64(12), 2136–2138. doi:10.1212/01.WNL.0000166035.26217.61