In this paper the results of investigations on the effect of interferon-o (IFN-o) on the growth of meningioma cells in culture is reported. A consecutive series of six meningiomas and one meningioma/neurofibroma derived from a patient with neurofibromatosis type 2 was investigated and it was found that the growth of ail seven turnouts in response to mitotic stimuli (fetal bovine serum or epidermal growth factor) is strongly inhibited by IFN-a. Maximal response varied between 100% and 70% inhibition of the incorporation of tritiated thymidine. In some cases an inhibitory response was obtained already at very low doses (~10 U of IFN-(U per ml). These results indicate that further clinical investigation of the application of IFN-a to the treatment of meningioma is warranted.,
European Journal of Cancer
Department of Internal Medicine

Koper, J., Zwarthoff, E., Hagemeijer, A., Braakman, R., Avezaat, C., Bergström, M., & Lamberts, S. (1991). Inhibition of the growth of cultured human meningioma cells by recombinant interferon-α. European Journal of Cancer, 27(4), 416–419. doi:10.1016/0277-5379(91)90375-N