Learning and teaching of health and medical Informatics is currently supported by web based material, which in the main has been derived from traditional texts. Aided by contributions from the expert community, the web site of the handbook of Medical Informatics has been developed to incorporate increased interactivity (with question and answers related to each section). This approach has proved beneficial to both student and teacher. To further increase the interactivity of the WWW we investigate the suitability of authoring tools for developing complex simulations and interactive tutorials, using an example from the area of quantitative decision support (Bayes Theorem). We propose that these tools provide a suitable platform for the preparation and delivery of collaboratively produced HMI courses, which address open and distance learning and pedagogic issues.

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doi.org/10.3233/978-1-60750-928-8-1051, hdl.handle.net/1765/57997
10th World Congress on Medical Informatics, MEDINFO 2001
Department of Medical Informatics

McCullagh, P., Duisterhout, J. S., & Alexander, S. (2001). Student-centered distance learning in health and medical informatics. Presented at the 10th World Congress on Medical Informatics, MEDINFO 2001. doi:10.3233/978-1-60750-928-8-1051