Before humAn hAnd trAnsplAntation cAn even be considered, An appropriate research model must be studied in-a non-humAn primate. The first ray of the hAnd, augmented with a radial forearm flap, was chosen as a functional composite tissue graft. Four technically successful replAntations of the radial unit have been carried out. One monkey died on the first post-operative day due to cardiac arrythmia. Normal wound healing occurred in the other three Animals. In three monkeys, functional sensory And motor recovery was almost complete. The monkeys were able to pick up small particles of food with the index finger And thumb. It is suggested that this model could be used for allogeneic composite tissue trAnsplAntation in a non-humAn primate.,
Journal of Hand Surgery
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Hovius, S., Stevens, J., van Nierop, P. W. M., Godschalk, M., Kusuma, A., Deelen, G., … van der Meulen, J. (1992). Replantation of the radial side of the hand in the rhesus monkey: Anatomical and functional aspects: A preliminary study to composite tissue allografting. Journal of Hand Surgery, 17(6), 651–656. doi:10.1016/0266-7681(92)90193-6