Dendritic cells are held responsible for inducing the primary immune response to inhaled antigen leading to allergic sensitization. Recently, several models have been developed in which various functions of airway dendritic cell subsets such as antigen uptake, migration and T cell stimulatory capacity can be studied in vivo. These models have revealed a crucial role for dendritic cells not only during priming but also during reactivation of Th2 cells in asthma and rhinitis. Dendritic cells are ideal targets for designing novel therapeutics for asthma treatment.,
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models
Department of Pulmonology

Lambrecht, B.N.M, & Kleinjan, A. (2006). Mouse models of asthma and rhinitis to study the role of dendritic cells in sensitization and development of inflammation. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models (Vol. 3, pp. 205–211). doi:10.1016/j.ddmod.2006.10.009