Three patients with primary hyperoxaluria type I received therapy consisting of vitamin B6, magnesium oxide, and high oral fluid intake. Sonographic follow-up showed a variable response to treatment, ranging from normalization of renal tissue to no change at all. However, there is evidence of a correlation between laboratory findings and ultrasound findings during treatment.

Nephrocalcinosis, Oxalosis, Primary hyperoxaluria, Renal failure, Ultrasound,
Pediatric Nephrology
Department of Pediatrics

Kraayeveld, P, Robben, S.G.F, Wolff, E.D, & Meradji, M. (1997). Primary hyperoxaluria type I: Renal ultrasound before and after treatment. Pediatric Nephrology, 11(4), 491–493. doi:10.1007/s004670050324