In this paper we describe our experiences with the application of a multiple criteria decision making method (IMGP = Interactive Multiple Goal Programming) for the evaluation of economic policy in the Netherlands. An uncommon aspect of this study is that the multiple criteria decision method was not used to find an optimal solution, but rather to test the attainability of a number of contrasting scenarios for economic development. These scenarios are intended to represent the main options for the development of the Netherlands in the eighties. Within the framework of a broader research project (labeled Policy-Oriented Survey of the Future), these scenarios are linked to characteristic political views.
Regional Science and Urban Economics
Erasmus School of Economics

Spronk, J., & Veeneklaas, F. R. (1983). A Feasibility Study of Economic and Environmental Scenarios by Means of Interactive Multiple Goal Programming. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 13, 141–160. Retrieved from